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Set of 6 Piece Modern S/S Knives with Acrylic block   8937
Product Information

*EASY GRIP KNIVES MAKE COOKING EASIER; Ergonomic handles with thumb and finger pressure areas make the Easy Grip handles incredibly comfortable and secure, even when wet; Your hands and wrists will no longer take the strain, allowing you to cut with a professional and graceful ease; Enjoy preparing food as much as your family will love savouring every delicious mouthful; We guarantee these are the most comfortable knives you will ever use or your Money-Back.

*ENJOY SAVING MONEY WITH PREMIUM QUALITY; Solid, non stick blades and sturdy, durable Easy Grip handles means these knives last much, much longer than even the best knife sets. 

*EASY MEAL MAKING; Incredibly sharp stainless steel edges and a remarkable non-stick coating allows them to glide effortlessly through even the thickest foods; Feel like a top culinary chef as every chop, slice and cut will be the quickest and easiest you've ever known, preparing family meals suddenly got a whole lot quicker and easier.

*ENJOY A BRIGHTER KITCHEN; With a burst of bright colors these beautiful knives will bring your kitchen to life. This is a hugely attractive, contemporary, modern knife set in wonderful two tone colors that sweep beautifully from handle to blade. Knives included; 8 inch chef's knife, 8" bread knife 2.0MM, 8" carving knife 2.0MM,  5" utility knife 1.8MM, 3.5" Paring knife 1.8MM.
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